Bird watching is my daughters favorite thing every morning on our walk to school. Unfortunately not every morning the birds come out to visit us on our little walk. As a father you want your children to be happy, and I had a goal! Put a smile on my little girls face. I knew I wanted to come up with something creative and fun. 

I went out and took pictures of birds and something always stood out and that was their silhouettes. This is when I got the great idea of Alobird.

I took my pictures to illustrator, outlined them and I slowly began. I cut out my designs on paper tapped them on my window and knew my little girl would like them. But I needed to display them on our walk to school and a paper cut out was not going to survive overnight plus how was I going to stick it on a tree?

And then one morning on our walk she finally saw it… the first AloBird. Hammered into a tree high up was my design. Slowly people in our neighborhood, family, friends.. All discovered my story and the demand grew. 

Now I’ve decided to launch my company to hopefully bring a smile to your face and transform your space into a natural environment.